Friday, July 15, 2005

Amy and Mark's Wedding Poem

There's nothing crazy
about our Amy
except one part
her love for Mark.

Because were you aware ladies and gentlemen
that my sister fell in love
when a hockey ball
like Newton's apple
fell on her from above.

So can we really trust her judgement?
Can we genuinely be sure
that she had all her wits about her
when her head was so sore?

And did Mark seek to capitalise
on her vulnerable mental state?
Did he seize this opportunity
to ask her for a date?

Now I'm not saying Mark took advantage
I'm not saying that at all
but are you really in your right mind
when hit by a hockey ball?

And I'm not saying Amy's crazy
or that her brain was on the blink,
but perhaps there's another reason
why she's marrying a shrink.

Now I'm being mean
it's just a joke
I'm over the moon for them both

So come drink and celebrate friends and family,
who'd have thought that you could find love with a sports injury.
Yes come drink and celebrate, let your hair down and dance.
Here's a toast, to my sister, and her hockey ball romance.

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