Friday, July 15, 2005

True Love Waits

Here's a creed for the new generation
a call to the fucked up youth of today
its the big new thing
the latest craze
the hot new trend is...

Yes abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.
Abstinence makes the world go around.
An abstention a day, keeps the doctor away.
All you need is... abstinence!

So keep your legs crossed
an your pants locked
keep his hands off,
an then run down the aisle before you're old enough
to drink champagne on your wedding night.

Never notice that these
frustrated lovers
teenage mothers
because no-one had the courage
to tell them about
safe sex
and great sex
and dare I say it GAY sex?

No. They say

Just keep your body pure my precious,
keep your body chaste,
keep your body holy,
till you husband gets this taste.
Keep your body pure my precious,
keep your body chaste.
Give your heart,
To Jesus!
And remember,
True Love... Waits

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