Thursday, August 04, 2005

And now a word from our sponsors...

This poem was written for the Art not Oil exhibition, a project put together by London Rising Tide.
For some reason I find it works best in performance with a really nasty American accent.

This poem is sponsored by BP.
The company is delighted to be collaborating on this project,
continuing its commitment to education and the arts,
as part of its corporate social responsibility programme.

This poem is sponsored by BP.
Trees will be planted to offset the greenhouse gas emissions
that the poet farted whilst composing this piece.

This poem is sponsored by BP
There will be no mention of spills, rigs or drills.
The words 'Colombia' and 'death squads' will not appear in the same sentence.
'Petroleum' will feature only when accompanied by the word 'Beyond'.

This poem is sponsored by BP.
Please take one of our brochures.
We have many exciting initiatives in our pipelines.
Please read our 'Tips on Greener Motoring'.
Remember, big companies are doing what they can,
but its down to the consumer to drive the market towards sustainability.

This poem is sponsored by BP.
It will present a clean, friendly image.
There will be no dark corners.
A wash of green will be liberally applied.

This poem is sponsored by BP.
Dont you get it?
There's nothing to see.
Move along.
Everything's just fine.

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