Saturday, July 16, 2005

Between the Lines

My lover is a poet
the verses written on her body tell a story that I am not close enough to understand
I read with my fingers
as the blind do
studying the scratched runes that bring her pain into relief

She is a magpie
drawn to shiny things
the flash of a blade
and her reflection in it
She parts the skin to form lips
from which she draws

Red ink flows down the sink to a cold clatter of steel against enamel.

I draw flowers and faces on her plasters.
Kiss the lines that ladder her arms and legs
the deep ancient verse between her breasts

She does not tell me why
and I know now not to ask
to read,
between the lines.

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1 comment:

earthroots said...

glad to have found this poem - I don't know you but I remember this poem - recited at an Earth First gathering - it's stayed with me because it means so much and I had always wanted to speak it to a friend but couldn't remember the words just the sentiment - now I can pass it on - thank you for voicing my thoughts