Friday, July 15, 2005

Make Poetry History

I wanna make poverty history
but I wanna expose the hypocrisy
of the G8 wanting to give more aid
and lock it into unfair trade
No more debts to be repaid
but where's the trade of being made?

I wanna make poverty history
erase it from the dictionary
its the word of a missionary
change barbarity to christianity
I wanna make poverty history
erase it from the dictionary
find a phrase that better says
that poverty is political

I wanna make injustice history
And I'll break the law to do it
turn the legal system on its head
so people can see through it
expose Tony's lies and Nike's crimes
cos they think they're so above it
stick a spanner in the system
and tell them all where to shove it
expose our dead democracy
re create it and renew it
I wanna make injustice history
and I'll break the law to do it

I wanna make corporations history
because the we can do without them
I wanna make domination history
because the world's not just rich white men
I wanna make ecological devastation history
desparation and dehumanisation history
I wanna make privatisation history, colonisation history
I wanna make genetic modification, animal experimentation,
and female genital mutilation history
I wanna make lying history, spying history
low cost flying, and plausible denying
I wanna make borders history, orders history
I wanna make HIV and SUVs history
and BP, MPs, MEPs and SAPs history,
I wanna make the WTO and the DTI history,
and M16s, AK47s and D9s history.
I wanna make ID, DDT, WMD and PMT history
the NRA, the CIA
I wanna make the state history
I wanna make the G8 history

I wanna make history, make history, make her-story, make history,
make history, make our-story, make history, with me
yeah make history, make history, make history, with me
come on make history, make history, make history, with me

Shout out against the G8 on the hills and in the glens
in the streets, in the cities and in the police pens,
from cape wrath to auchterader
from grangemouth to faslane
from dungavel to gleneagles
from stirling to dunblane
Join the road block, or the woad block
or the clandestine insurgent clowns
or the people's golfing action
or the asylum seeker crowd
join the silver hill walkers
lighting beacons of dissent!
You're part of the system
so take back your consent.

Because our story isn't made by the rulers but the masses
by the ones who show up and get of their asses
by the ones that stand and act in solidarity
That's the only way that any of us will make history.

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ploughing caly with teaspoons said...

Making History Poor

Lets make poverty history!
Put the poor in a museum,
They can sell us tea and scones,
And the accents do add colour.
All for the price of the minimum wage.

Lets make poverty history!
And we can shift some back catalogue,
We're big enough for that,
Always in the papers, with Presidents and Queens.
Such a shame Freddy can't be here.

Lets make poverty history!
And while we're at it,
We'll make History history
And replace it with economics.
So classless and free.

Lets make poverty history!
Because, lets face it,
The poor are just too poor
To buy any of our stuff.
And my credit card is maxed.

Lets make poverty history.
The poor make poverty history
Everyday, everyday a new record
In infant mortallity, preventable disease,
Ignored death, squallor, despair, resistance.

Yeah, lets make poverty history.
There's no poverty without wealth.