Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why do I still do this every day?

Beautiful postcard of my poem and the original piece of graffiti. i'd love to get some of these printed up. Anyone got any spare cash?


zoe said...

for about a tenner you can get 100 or so printed off as digital photos. the same price will also get you about 30 postcards..

i reckon you should definitely do it.

radical supergirly said...

The postcard is now being printed by gathered images - and they're paying me!!! its so exciting! I wonder if anyone will by them.

oh and thanks for linking to my site. I think 613 sadness rocks.

zoe said...

excellent stuff! (and ta!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lovely Radical One, I just meandered over to gathered images to obtain your postcards and alas there's no 'add to basket' link on your postcard page, perchance you could mention it to the gathered images creatures?!
It's a gorgeous postcard btw,
wishes & cats,

Anonymous said...

It's not really that near Hillingdon (which is Middlesex, not north London).

It's actually near Gerrard's Cross, Bucks., so your postcards should really say this.

Anonymous said...

I thought it used to say just 'Why do I do this everyday?', (without the 'still'). I can remember looking forward to seeing it everytime I went to London as a kid. It's been painted over now, says 'new team supreme' or something, fair play to anyone who made the effort, but it seems ruined :( Love the postcards btw :)

The Z Band said...

I have at least managed to preserve it for posterity. The graffiti is now on the front cover of a CD I am trying to get distribution for called 'Vox Pop'. I also used the words as a rhythm track on teh title track (which is a rant about commuting and the pressures of modern life). I used to love that graffiti. It made me smile and the chavs who painted over it need a good slapping.

The Blade 1001 said...

I've enjoyed this bit of grafitti that makes you think too, not seen it lately so not aware that is has been gazumped (again?).

I think is has actually evolved over time, from something like 'why do this everyday?' or 'why do I DO this everyday?' in plain white. To which I am sure someone added, 'I don't' ie; dont presume everyone is trapped in a commuting/lifestyle hell.

And I think in response to this, and following other random additions, it was renewed and taken back to the more personal (and defeatist?) statement 'Why do I STILL do this everyday' with a new improved coloured background.

Can anyone throw light on the evolution of this informal but influential message? Does anyone have pictures of it's previous states? I'd love to find out moreabout this.

merrick said...

The Blade 1001, you're right - it did say 'why do I do this every day?', then got painted over by some band's web address. So some folks went out and repainted it with 'why do I still do this every day?'. Judging from her poem, I imagine Ms Supergirly might know who it was.

Amar said...

i love this poem.....

i always looked forward to seeing that bit of grafiti everyday but alas it is no more

Peter said...

My band, Veda Park (from Oxford) wrote and recorded a song with this title as a homage to this brilliant piece of graffiti (graffito?) - it's a crime that it was painted over - it should have been claimed by English Heritage or some other institution: