Saturday, July 01, 2006

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The new collection of radical anti- corporate poetry which I edited is now out!

This groundbreaking collection celebrates the first ten years of Corporate Watch, the radical research group based in Oxford, UK.

Corporate Watch drags the corrupt links between business and power, economics and politics into the spotlight. As part of the growing anti-corporate movement springing up around the world, Corporate Watch supports campaigns which are increasingly successful in forcing corporations to back down.

Corporate Watch has informed and inspired journalists, activists, artists, policy-makers ... and even poets.

This collection brings together radical anti-corporate poetry from over 60 talented poets. Dip into this book and you will find poems to be performed at rallies, and ongs to sing while locked onto the gates of a nuclear power station, poems with punch and power that shout loud and proud with brazen razor wit and barefaced cheek.

The anthology includes a CD featuring performances of 19 poems 'never before seen or heard on TV', including my 'Steal this Poem'.

Other poets featured in the book are:

Adrian Mitchell, Alan Buckley, Alan McClure, Alisdair Noon, Alistair Stewart, Aoife Mannix, Atilla the Stockbroker, Ben Mellor, B. R. Dyonisius, Cath Morris, Charlie Harvey, Christian Zorka, Claire Fauset, Danny Chivers, Dave Morgan, David Bateman, David Rovics, Ebele, Elvis Mcgonnegall, Emma Lee, Emma Phillips, Ewuare X. Osayande, Geoff Allnutt, George Roberts, Gregg Mosson, Heather Taylor, Heidi Greco, Helen Moore, Helen Thomas, Janet Vickers, Janis Butler Holm, Jim Thomas, John Hoggett, Josh Ekroy, K. Simpson, Kate Evans, Ken Champion, Kevin Higgins, Luke Wright, M. T. C. Cronin, Marc Jones, Marie Berry, Mario Petrucci, Mark Gunnery, Mark Gwynne Jones, Merrick, Michelle Green, Nick Toczek, Paul Maltby, Paul Spencer, Penny Broadhurst, Philip Jeays, Rachel Pantechnicon, Rapunzel Wizard, Rob Gee, Rosemary Harris, Sheena Salmon, Spencer Cooke, Spoz, Steve Larkin, Steve Tasane, T Troughton, Todd swift, Vincent Tinguely, Will Holloway

It's £7 and you can order it online here.


Mary X. said...

Get in contact with me -

I enjoy your poetry..

zoe said...

fantastic stuff lady!

keep the poems coming and all!

looking forwards to tea and natter x

me edwards said...

Dear Claire

My name is Amanda Edwards-Day and I am co-organising the Rose Hill Summer Fun Day that is taking place in Rose Hill, Oxford on Saturday 27th June between 12
noon and 4pm. We have lots attractions and activities planned for this day, one of them being a poetry tent which we have invited some local poets and poetry groups to come to and read their work, in this tent we will also be chairing
some discussions which we hope other members of the public will join in, topics up for discussion are: 'The living breathing language of poetry' (Is poetry a
dying art that has lost it's relevance in the modern age?) and 'Generation txt: the FX of SMS on the way we express' (In the age of text and email, where
economy of language (and syllables!) has made the reduction of the written word the expected norm, can poetry (both spoken and written) and other written art forms maintain their integrity if they don't conform to this new need for reduction?).

I got your contact details via the Hammer and Tongue website and am writing to see if you would like to come and take part in this element of our event, this is the first year that this event has taken place and so it's all very new. I'm really hoping that it will be well attended and have been working on the premise of 'if you build it they will come', that said I am also working
under the fear that 'they' won't! Therefore, your work may be just the 'pull' that we need. If you're already committed that day or unable to make it, do you
think you could forward this email and my details to others you think it may appeal to. I'm very passionate about the written and spoken word and would love
for this to have the buzz and excitement of a well attended get together that has evoked thought and debate.

I really hope that you'll have the time to join us on this day, but more than that I'd really value your input as this is the first time I've tried to do something like this and I could probably do with a guiding hand. I have been in contact with Steve Larkin, who sadly is busy on the 27th June, and he offered me some valuable and insightful advice. His insight really highlighted to me my novice status and so anything, advice and otherwise, that you think may be useful to know please tell me! I have just sent a similar email to this to A.
F. Harrold and Richard Brotherton, but if you know of anyone else that I could contact directly could you please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best wishes,


Amanda Edwards-Day
Friends of Rose Hill Primary
The Oval
Rose Hill

Tel: (01865) 430666
Mob: 07806636626


EmmieJDriskell said...

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睡衣 said...


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Eve-Elise Faidy said...

Dear Claire,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Warwick Business School Society. We are pleased to invite you to speak at the WBSS Forum 2015 – a one-day panel event at the University of Warwick, taking place this January. The WBSS Forum is an event that takes place every year on a number of current and interesting topics and has a fantastic turnout by students of all disciplines from Warwick University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The topic of this year’s event is “Should businesses be socially responsible?” with a debate followed by a talk on ‘Impact Investing’. There will finally be an opportunity for networking with students.

Given your expertise and knowledge in this area we hope you will be able to attend the event as it will be a great opportunity to share your views with students, academics and other professionals in the field, and it will provide a fantastic insight for aspiring entrepreneurs, investors and those pursuing a career in finance.

I have written to corporate watch as well, as I could not find your contact details online.

If you are interested in the prospect of attending and speaking at the event, please contact me using the details below. Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Eve-Elise Faidy
Corporate Executive
WBSS Forum Team 2015

Warwick Business School Society is the largest independent, student-run society at The University of Warwick. Giving students access to a wide variety of employers from different industries through company presentations and networking events. WBSS also hosts numerous mind-blowing social events throughout the academic year.